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 A gamified immersive installation with artist Renee Cox

game designer and programmer 

Project Overview

Work with The Mattress Factory, curator Jessica Gaynelle Moss and internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Renee Cox to develop an installation that merges the power of digital media with Cox’s artistic vision and sensibilities for exhibition at The Mattress Factory. The installation is featured in Mattress Factory Museum from 06/2022 -12/2022.

Team Size: 6 

Duration: 6 months (01/2022 - 06/2022)

My contribution

- I designed the game and the user experience flow for the interactive piece which gamified the artist's original artwork.

- I implemented the system to connect multiple Azure Kinect in a single game session for the gameplay input in the interactive piece.

- I designed and prototyped several player movement controllers with Unity for the interactive piece.

- I configurated the projection set up that can control 5 projects simultaneously for the projection mapping in the immersive piece.

Floor Plan

Immersive Piece                 Interactive Piece

Immersive Piece

Photos from museum website

Interactive Piece

On Screen

Real Life Demo

Photo from museum website

User Experience Flow

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