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To The Edge Of The World

Location-Based Interactive Theatre Experience Game with CAVE technology

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  • Role: 

       Level Designer/ Narrative Designer/ Director/ Sound Designer

  • Platform:

       CAVE, Hydraulic Platform, Vive Trackers, PC

  • Description:

       A narrative focused pirate experience. Players will be a sailor who goes on an adventure with Captain Fleming Puck. As the player follow the storyline, they will see the transformation of the crew and discover secrets. Players will have a sword to interact with on-screen objects. The hydraulic platform will simulate an ocean like feel. We also provide costumes and actors to assist players complete the gameplay and enhance the immersive experience.

  • Project Duration:

       2 Weeks

  • Contribution:

​       1. Designed and wrote the story and script for the whole game.

       2. Designed each level's interaction and scene, such as the environment to compliment the story, gameplay, and interactions with characters.

       3. Directed the story presentation and performance by the actors.

       4. Designed the sound track and sound effects for the game.

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