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Competitive 2-Player Game with 3dRudder and Vive Trackers

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  • Role: 

       Producer/Game Designer/Sound Designer

  • Platform:

       3dRudder, Vive Trackers, PC

  • Description:

       Players compete as two ghosts that collect hats in a colorful world. The hats are both the winning condition and a weapon to knock hats off the other player's head. Movement is  controlled by 3dRudder and the attack is triggered by Vive Trackers

  • Project Duration:

       2 Weeks

  • Contribution:

​       1. Managed the project and the development team.

       2. Designed the gameplay mechanism, including stacking hats and use them as weapons, navigating using 3dRudder, and the attack mechanism using Vive Trackers.

       3. Designed map interactions, such as water that causes the player to lose hats and ice that freezes the player.

       4. Designed the sound track and sound effects for the game.

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