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The Ordinary Flower Shop

HoloLens 2 AR Flower-Selling Game with A Twist

The Ordinary Flower Shop: Image


  • Role: 

       Producer/Level Designer/Narrative Designer/Sound Designer

  • Platform:

       HoloLens 2

  • Description:

      As an ordinary flower shop owner, you need to supply your weird customer with different kinds of flower bouquet. Combine the flower with the props for a surprise.

  • Project Duration:

      2 Weeks

  • Contribution:

​      1. Managed the project and the development team.

      2. Designed each level, including the interactions with flowers and customers, prompts given by the customers, hints, and guidance.

      3. Designed the customers' characteristics, narratives, and wrote the scripts.

      4. Designed the sound track and sound effects for the game.

The Ordinary Flower Shop: Text
The Ordinary Flower Shop: Video
The Ordinary Flower Shop: Services
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