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Game Preproduction for Release: the Gears of Time
An Action RPG set in a mythical steampunk world.

Game Overview

Game Premise: In Release: the Gears of Time, you play as a young archeologist, of a steampunk society, who accidentally releases an evil deity of catastrophe from its imprisonment . Now you must work to reseal it before it destroys humanity.

What are you doingAdventuring through the world and all the other elemental temples. Unseal the good elemental deities and use their power to reseal the evil deity of catastrophe.

  • End Goal: Reseal the deity of catastrophe

  • Sub goals: Free the elemental deities from their temples and form pacts with them to gain their powers

  • Why: You released the evil deity, now you help put it back

How do you solve the problems:


Main Game Loop:

Team Size: 6

Duration: 01/2023 - 05/2023


  • Fight mob monsters and boss monsters 

    • Use multi-form weapons

    • Use divine powers from deities

      • Summon deities as part of the divine powers

      • Build and level up your character by making offerings to the deities.


  • Solve environmental puzzles to unlock doors, access treasure, and uncover lost history


  • Create multi-form weapons

  • Create offerings for the elemental deities to unlock new powerful skills

main game loop.png

My Role:

As a designer

  • Designed the skill trees, weapons, combat skills and mechanics, the character build and progression system.

  • Designed puzzle mechanics based on elemental skills and steampunk clockworks, built graybox layouts of 15 puzzle levels.

  • Collaboratively delivered a full set of written and visual design documents.

Skill System in Combat

My Contributions

Skill System in Combat

There will be five elemental deities the players can make offerings to, Light, Fire, Earth, Air,  and Water.







By making offering to these deities, the player can build their character by unlocking Active, Passive, and Ultimate skills.

Active normal skills typically deals damage to enemies, apply buffs to player, or apply debuffs to enemies, depending on the element.

Passive skills typically apply attribute upgrades or positive effects on the player.

Ultimate skills summon the corresponding deities to aid the player in battle.

The Player can equip one Active normal skill and one active Ultra skill for each element.

All Passive Ability works only when you are in the corresponding form of the element.

The Player will have 5 forms.

The Player can switch between the 5 forms with numbers 1 - 5 on the keyboard.

The Elements and Character Builds:

Air: Movement Speed    Light: Attack Speed    Fire: Damage    Water: Heal    Earth: Defense

Skill Builds.png

The Skill Tree:

Release_ The Gear of Time - Skill Tree.jpg
Enemy Design

Enemy Design

Deity of Catastrophe - Ærgewinn:

Ærgewinn is the final boss of the game. His form is a megaloceros (a giant prehistoric deer). He used to be the Deity of Nature, but humans' abuse of nature made him decay into an evil deity of catastrophe. Therefore, his skills showcases the corrupted version of all the natural elements.

Overview of Main Skills of Deity of Catastrophes - Ærgewinn:

Ærgewinn has 9 different skills. The 9 skills include the commonly used "Nature Slap" and "Nature Sweep" when player is around and:


"Call of Nature": Ærgewinn will knock back the surrounding enemies and make them fly away, then summon corrupted mobs around it.


"Nature Leap": Ærgewinn will charge forward to the player’s location when the skill is used.


Ærgewinn can use Corrupted Light, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water Elements:

Corrupted Light Corrupted Fire Corrupted Earth Corrupted Air Corrupted Water


Light Bean: Ærgewinn will channel a Dark Light Bean from its head, and turn its head in 2s with a 120-degree arc.


Fire Storm: Ærgewinn will shoot several fireballs that will follow you at a slow speed.

Earth’s Revenge: Ærgewinn will cast a chain to link the player, the player will be slowed and has decreased max health.

Wind Step: Ærgewinn will jump to several places in the air along the place towards you and then impact the place you stand.

Acid Rain: Ærgewinn will curse an area, and that area will be poisoned by acid rain and do DOT.

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