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Building Virtual Worlds

A collection of rapidly produced games developed with immersive technologies for the ETC festival

It Takes Two Dogs

A Collaborative Two-Player Arcade Game with VIVE Trackers.

Each player controls one head of a stretchy two-headed dog. They have to work together to collect good props and avoid bad props.

To the Edge of the World

A Pirate Adventure Game with CAVE technology.

Players will be a sailor who goes on an adventure with Captain Fleming Puck. As the player follow the storyline, they will see the transformation of the crew and discover secrets. Players will have a sword to interact with on-screen objects. The hydraulic platform will simulate an ocean like feel. We also provide costumes and actors to assist players complete the gameplay and enhance the immersive experience.

Dream Guardian

A VR Rhythm Game for Oculus Quest 2.

The Dream Demons are coming to eat the kids' dreams! Pull the toy hammers to hit the demons in beat and save their dreams!

The Ordinary Flower Shop

HoloLens2 AR Flower Shop Simulation Game With A Twist.

As an ordinary flower shop owner, you need to supply your weird customer with different kinds of flower bouquet. Combine the flower with the props for a surprise.


A Two-Player Competitive Game with 3dRudder and VIVE Trackers.

Players compete as two ghosts that collect hats in a colorful world. The hats are both the winning condition and a weapon to knock hats off the other player's head. Movement is  controlled by 3dRudder and the attack is triggered by VIVE trackers

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